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  • Item: DEFY Wood Oil for Decks
  SKU: Various  Q/A: data-sheet
  Size: 1 gallon container(s).
  Composition: Synthetic Resin Blend
  Appearance: Color depends on tint used.
  VOC Content: Less than 250 gr/ltr  
  Case Pack: 1-gallon; 4/case  
  Shelf Life: 18 months in original sealed container.  
  Available In:

• Clear Tone
• Natural Tone
• Cedar Tone
• Redwood Tone

  Product Description  

DEFY Wood Oil for Decks with its VOC compliant water-based formula penetrates deep into wood fibers providing maximum long-term protection from weather damage and offering color retention superior to conventional oil-based stains. When properly applied, DEFY's excellent penetration helps eliminate surface build-up and peeling.  DEFY Wood Oil for Decks is available in 3 semi-transparent colors plus a Clear Tone.

  • Long-Lasting Protection.
  • Excellent On Composite Wood.
  • Resists Flaking & Peeling.
  • Soap & Water Clean-Up.
  • Easy To Apply & Maintain.


  Maintenance Procedure  

When wood begins to fade a light maintenance coat is recommended. Simply sprinkle water on the surface of the wood. If the water is easily absorbed within 1- 2 seconds, the stain has weathered sufficiently to be recoated. To minimize darkening when applying a maintenance, first brighten with DEFY Wood Brightener. If the surface has been allowed to weather to the point of graying, or if significant darkening has occurred over time and cannot be adequately brightened, the stain should be removed using DEFY Stain Stripper, then neutralized with DEFY Wood Brightener, and finally re-stained with DEFY Wood Oil for Decks per original application instructions.

  DEFY Wood Oil for Decks

DEFY Wood Oil for DecksTypical Uses:
DEFY Wood Oil for Decks is a long-lasting, professional grade semitransparent wood stain specially formulated for use on all types of decking materials including cedar, mahogany, redwood, pressure treated lumber, exotic hardwoods and composite lumber.

Surface Preparation:
New cedar should be cleaned and stained as quickly as possible to avoid damage from the sun and rain. Let oil-rich" woods, such as mahogany weather six months prior to application. New pressure treated lumber typically contains a high degree of moisture and should be allowed to weather for 6 -12 months prior to staining.

To achieve optimum results in appearance, DEFY Wood Oil for Decks should not be applied over previously stained surfaces. In no case should it be applied over previously painted or varnished surfaces. These surfaces must be stripped prior to application of the product. In all cases, once stripper has been used the wood must be neutralized by using DEFY Wood Brightener.

Wood surfaces must clean, porous, and dry before applying Wood Oil for Decks. Use DEFY Wood Cleaner to remove mill glaze, mildew, graying and other foreign matter that might block surface pores and interfere with product penetration. Rinse thoroughly with garden hose or pressure washer (maximum 1200 p.s.i.). DEFY Wood Cleaner will darken redwood and some types of cedar; however, this darkening will disappear once the wood is treated with DEFY Wood Brightener. Brighten: While surface is still wet from cleaning, use DEFY Wood Brightener to neutralize the wood, restore the wood to its natural color, and open the pores of the wood allowing the stain to be more easily absorbed.

Start by applying 2 coats of DEFY Wood Oil for Decks to the railings, benches, and undersides of upper level decks (only one coat is required on undersides). When applying two coats, allow the first coat to dry to the touch before applying the second coat Once underside is treated, immediately brush out all overspray, drips, etc. on top of deck. Treat horizontal surfaces last.

Horizontal Surfaces:
 Apply two coats, allowing the first coat to dry to the touch before applying the second coat Brush product into surface working out all drips, puddles, or areas of overspray before product dries. Do not over apply stain. To avoid the possibility of peeling, apply only as much stain as the wood can easily absorb. A sure indication of over application is a shiny finish. Complete the entire sections or to a natural break before allowing to dry. Never break in the middle of a board as it will cause unsightly color variations. Thoroughly coat the ends of boards to prevent water penetration.

Composite Woods:
 When staining composite lumber and exotic hardwoods, allow materials to weather for no less than 12 months. Prior to staining, clean all surfaces using DEFY Wood Cleaner per label directions. For all composite wood and exotic hardwoods apply only one coat of stain.

Drying Time:
1 to 3 hours depending on temperature and humidity. Allow 24 hours for deck to completely cure before using. Note: The"wet" color of DEFY Wood Oil for Decks has a cloudy/milky appearance but will dry to a beautiful, semi-transparent finish.
Clean-Up: Clean tools and equipment immediately after each use with soap and water.

Safety Precautions:
Proper safety procedures should be followed at all times while handling the product.  Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for important health / safety information before use.

  Worth Quoting...  
  " DEFY Wood Oil for Decks is a compatible formulation for use on wood substrates that have previously been treated or stained with Bio-Wash Natural Deck Oil™. Wood Oil for Decks color palette is closely matched so that you will notice little difference during a reapplication and/or maintenance procedure. Simply choose the color name that matches the color you have always used for best results. "  
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