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  • Item: ChimneyRx Black Elastomeric Flashing Sealant
  SKU: SS94164  Q/A: data-sheet
  Size: Half Gallon
  Appearance: Black Paste
  VOC Content: NA g/L  
  Case Pack: 4/case  
  Available in:  black or brown;
also white (for dye coloring)
  UPC Code: 7-09057-94164-8
  Quick Product Facts  

ChimneyRx Black Elastomeric Flashing Sealant is an elastomeric sealant specially developed for permanent adhesion to asphalt shingles, aluminum flashing, brick, and other chimney and roofing materials.

  • Stays flexible.
  • Easy brush-on application.






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  ChimneyRx Black Elastomeric Flashing Sealant

ChimneyRx Brushable Chimney Crown RepairWhere to Use:
ChimneyRx Black Elastomeric Flashing Sealant is excellent for use in stopping problem leaks around the base of chimneys, stacks, vents and skylights. Repairing tarred, retarred, cracked, or unusual flashings was never so easy!  Permanently adheres to asphalt shingles, aluminum flashing, brick and other chimney and roofing materials.

Adjusting the Color:
White ChimneyRx Elastomeric Flashing Sealant can be colored using any standard mortar dye.  Adding small amounts of standard mortar dye achieves custom coloring. Always transfer material for coloring from the original container into a clean mixing container when using dye and add the mortar dye one or two drops at a time. After mixing with a trowel or paddle, drill the product to its needed color.

What are the Coverage Rate(s):
One half gallon of ChimneyRx Black Elastomeric Flashing Sealant covers approximately 14 linear feet.

When to Apply:
Apply at temperatures above 45° F. Do not use in cold, damp rainy weather or product may wash away. On hot days Chimney RX® Elastomeric Flashing Sealant will dry quickly. Work in 2-3 ft. sections. Use of duct tape will produce clean edges and enhance the appearance of the repair.

How Long to Wait:
Allow at least 12 hours of dry, clear weather for proper curing.

Tools You Will Need:
A stiff brush and reinforcement fabric.

Safety Precautions to Observe:
Proper safety procedures should be followed at all times while handling the product. Wear chemical resistant gloves and chemical splash goggles. 

Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for important health and safety information before use.

  Worth Quoting...  
" Faulty or declined flashings can cause leaks and water damage to the surrounding roof deck or eventually the interior finishes of your home. "
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