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  • Item: MasonrySaver No-Rinse Concrete Etch
  SKU: SS32018  Q/A: data-sheet
  Size: Available in 1 gallon recyclable containers.
  Property Type: NA
  Appearance: Clear liquid with a pungent odor.
  VOC Content: Less than 50 g/l  
  Case Pack: 1-gallon recyclable plastic containers / 6 per case  
  Shelf Life: 18 months in original unopened container.  
  UPC Code: 7-09057-32018-4; 1-gallon
  Product Description  

MasonrySaver No-Rinse Concrete Etch is a hydrofluoric acid-etching material designed for etching concrete surfaces prior to coating or sealing. A thin film of Etch will etch any silica-containing surface in as little as 15 seconds. Because of its unique chemistry, a surface treated with MasonrySaver No-Rinse Concrete Etch does not need to be rinsed prior to sealing. After using MasonrySaver No-Rinse Concrete Etch, a protective sealer such as MasonrySaver High Gloss Stamped Concrete Sealer, may be applied directly over the stained and etched surface once the substrate has completely dried.

  • Etches all surfaces such as concrete, stone, tile or brick.
  • Offers improved coating adhesion.
  MasonrySaver No-Rinse Concrete Etch

MasonrySaver No-Rinse Concrete EtchWhat is Etching:
Used to open pores in concrete, etching creates a rough surface that lets coatings adhere properly. Although concrete may look solid it is a porous substance. Before beginning any etching job be sure to clean and sweep the area. Also consider using a product like TSP (Trisodium phosphate a cleaning agent, stain remover and degreaser) to remove any remaining dirt, grease or stains. This will prepare the surface to take to the “ etch “ better.

Where to Use:
Use MasonrySaver No-Rinse Concrete Etch to etch concrete, brick or masonry surfaces prior to staining or sealing. The etching properties of the product allow the user to seal the surface, once it has been properly stained, without the need for further preparation or rinsing.

MasonrySaver No-Rinse Concrete Etch should only be used on bare, unsealed surfaces. Brush surface to be treated with a stiff brush to remove loose particles. Mix container contents thoroughly to ensure uniformity. Apply MasonrySaver No-Rinse Concrete Etch with a paint pad, tight nap roller cover or pump type sprayer. (Splash gloves and eye protection such as splash goggles should be used along with a NIOSH approved respirator equipped with a multi gas/vapor filter protecting against ammonia and other organic vapors.)

What are the Coverage Rate(s):
200-400 square feet per gallon on concrete.  coverage rates will vary based on the porosity of the substrate.

How Long to Wait:
15 – 30 minutes, depending upon conditions.

Safety Precautions to Observe:
Proper safety procedures should be followed at all times when handling chemical products. Always wear chemical resistant gloves and chemical splash goggles. 

Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for specific safety information regarding this product.

  Worth Quoting...  
  " Because of its unique chemistry, a surface treated with MasonrySaver® No-Rinse Concrete Etch does not need to be rinsed prior to sealing. After using MasonrySaver® No-Rinse Concrete Etch, a stain or protective sealer such as MasonrySaver® Decorative Concrete Sealer may be applied directly over the etched surface once the substrate has completely dried. "  
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