Sparkle Plenty & Silk Sensation by Sparkle Plenty Products  

Sparkle Plenty ProductsSparkle Plenty is a small family owned company and their Sparkle Plenty product is sold throughout the world. Sparkle Plenty has stocking distributors in England, Sweden, Greece, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, China, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay as well as the United States.

The cleaning industry had a very good stroke of luck in 1903 when Sparkle Plenty products came into existence and were made widely available. Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner products were formulated to help make cleaning chores simple for complex surfaces. The art of cleaning crystal, glass, acrylic chandeliers, prisms and so on is simply not a chore anymore. The hardest part may be getting out the ladder or finding something to place on the floor to help keep the liquid off the surface. The cleaning part – that’s easy!

The next time you’re questioning how to tackle that Chandelier, simply go to your cabinet and reach for Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner. You won’t have time to run to the store once guests start to arrive so order now and be prepared!

Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner and Silk Sensation Plant Cleaner both work using a saturation technique. You simply spray (saturate the area) to clean and let the product drip off. There is no cloth or hand rubbing involved. For spraying excellence, you get a brilliant streak-free shine in return. Sparkle Plenty is used in some of the most famous hotels and casinos in the US and abroad - it is even used in the palaces of the mid east to clean their chandeliers.


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