AquaShine by La Maison SamaN  

AquaShineHardwood and laminate floors require upkeep to look and feel good each day. Luckily for us AquaShine, by the makers of Saman Stain, is now available for consumer purchase in the United States. AquaShine offers an easy, affordable, no hassle way, to quickly and beautifully get your floor clean and shinning again. It all begins with the AquaShine Red-Head mop with terry cloth cover that's designed especially for hardwood and laminate surface care. You will effortlessly be able to clean and shine the floor in mere minutes; partly because no rinsing is involved. Your friends, family and neighbors will all want in on the secret that gives you plenty of time to devote to other home activities or just plain relaxation. AquaShine makes each day brilliant!

Is your floor finish too drab? Do you need a easy way to bring dull floors back to life? Try Hope's Floor Revive! It renews, protects, and restores your high-gloss shine. Designed for use with regular & no-wax floors. Sponge mop application.

Protects and shines laminate and hardwood surfaces; varnished not oiled, without smear or residue.   Never pour cleaner directly on a varnished surface, as it may cause serious damage.


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