La Maison SamaN by Sylteck  

La Maison SamaNSaman water based wood stains offer you a new generation in performance. With no danger to the user or the environment, these inflammable, super concentrated, easy to use wood stains do not require any pre-staining or conditioner. Additionally SAMAN Water based wood stains won’t cause raising of wood grain and can help reduce signs of brush overlap. It’s the synergy and benefit of oil base products from a water based stain. Available in 27 standard colors.

SAMAN’s introduction of a revolutionary water based wood stain was first launched in the Canadian marketplace in 1998. The product quickly became entrenched in the Canadian wood stain DIY market. With ever changing environmental laws here in the US, it was only natural that SAMAN water based wood stains would transverse the border to find a new home and marketing opportunity.  SAMAN water based wood stains are the easy to use, easy to work product that was designed for you! Color choices are limited only by your imagination. Because of the unique formulation it is possible to mix several colors and obtain an infinite number of shades as you would with watercolor paints.

Saman stains are an environmentally friendly product.

SAMAN® water based wood stains. From traditional simple woods to elaborate and vivid colors of red, blue and green. Saman water based wood stains, you've never seen anything like this!


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