Ritz / Arden Kitchenware Products by John Ritzenthaler Co  

Ritz ClothsOriginally founded in 1892, the John Ritzenthaler Company began as a small operation in lower Manhattan. Mr. John Ritzenthaler, a young German immigrant, gave his products "the name "Ritz Cloths". , These cloths are also exported to South Africa, the West Indies, Canada, Central America and Europe.

In 1970 Mr. Ritzenthaler sold his company to the Steidle family with the same corporate mission and commitment to quality currently intact. The John Ritzenthalers Company of today continues as a privately owned business engaged in all aspects of design, product development, marketing and distribution of kitchen textiles, table linens, bath textiles, laundry and cleaning products.

The John Ritzenthaler Company offers household cleaning cloth materials designed with quality and passion. It is such passion of manufacture that allows for the transformation of the common cleaning rag of yesterday to become a quality, high fashion home furnishing item of today. Because of such commitment and dedication Consumers have long regarded Ritz as being synonymous with the finest quality in home textiles.

With Manufacture in Pennsylvania integrating design and innovation with quality and value is the primary mission of the John Ritzenthaler Company. Through this achievement lasting customers will be born.


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