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RemovALLRemovALL paint remover is the result of many years of product development and ingenuity. Finding effective replacements for traditional chemical paint removers proved to be a chore for the coating removal industry. Harmful to the environment chemical paint removers were very effective at what they did - REMOVE PAINT. Unfortunately in addition to harming the environment chemical paint removers were found to be harmful to you as well. The advent of SARA Technology has been working to change all that by creating green product; or product that is more healthy and less-polluting to its surroundings. This is a unique and revolutionary patented method of coating removal. RemovALL paint removers rely on this very technology to work behind and beneath the scenes to open pores of the painted surface and allow penetration direct to the substrate. This is crucial to the proper and effective removal of painted coatings. The bond between the coating system and the substrate is then destabilized and the pressure created by oxygen gas breaks that bond completely and releases the paint from the surface.

From 1990 to 2009 Napier had invested considerable resources in researching, developing and bringing to market a range of sophisticated de-coating chemicals for both industrial and consumer applications. The products have been extensively tried and tested in several industries and have surpassed the expectations of customers. Headquartered in Delta, British Columbia (Canada), Napier Environmental Technologies Inc. researches, develops, manufactures and sells new technologies to replace existing environmentally hazardous chemicals commonly used for de-coating surfaces and for wood restoration. 

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Napier Environmental Technologies Inc is a company which developed environmentally responsible solutions and quality products to safely remove unwanted coatings from any surface in a user friendly, cost effective manner. The technologies are specifically developed to replace unsafe harsh chemicals and unacceptable mechanical methods still common in the industry. This technology was sold to Freeworld Coating Global (Pty) Ltd in 2009. Kansai Plascon Africa purchased a 63.25 percent interest in the company in 2013.


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