Perfect Planet Natural Products by Weiman  

Perfect Planet Natural ProductsThere must be an environmentally friendly, natural plant-derived method to clean hardwood, laminate, ceramic and other hard surfaces around the home or business, correct? Yes with much thanks to Weiman products for the Perfect Planet line our Eco-Friendly dreams have been answered. These VOC, ammonia and phosphate free products were designed safe for the consumer and display the EPA design for the Environment Seal of Approval. Let your floors shine with the environment in mind!

Perfect Planet products displaying the EPA’s Design for the Environment logo are formulated in partnership with and reviewed by EPA chemists, toxicologists, and environmental scientists, ensuring that each product has a more positive health and environmental profile than traditional cleaning products.

Experience The Good Feeling of Clean naturally. By choosing Perfect Planet, you will achieve exceptional, effective cleaning that will not pollute the air, land or sea.


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