Parker & Bailey Products by Parker & Bailey  

Parker & Bailey ProductsFrom wood care creams and cleaners to fine metal polishes, Parker & Bailey products offer everything you need for an exquisite finish Parker & Bailey prides themselves on using safe, original formulas that date back over 100 years to beautify your wood furniture, floors, and metals. Used by furniture restorers and antique experts for many years to clean, polish, and protect, we know that you will be satisfied with everything Parker & Bailey products.

Parker & Bailey products originated when Mr. Bailey, a respected furniture maker joined forces with Mr. Parker, a manufacturer of fine waxes and polishes. A small container of Parker’s Perfect Polish was included with each furniture sale. Customers kept returning for more, which gave Parker the idea to join forces and package the products for everyone. So in 1879, Parker and Bailey began producing fine furniture care products in Maine. These basic traditional formulas, tried and tested for over a hundred years, have a dedicated following among furniture restorers and antique experts alike.

We hope you use the uniqueness of Parker & Bailey products to clean, polish, and protect your wood and metal furnishings for years to come.


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