Nice-N-Easy Products by Alumin-Nu  

Nice-N-Easy ProductsWhether you are concerned about the environment, public safety or just prefer the all natural method Alumin-Nu Dispoz-ALL, Power and Nice n Easy products are for you. With millions of living micro-organisms to devour things like organic wastes, algae and sludge these non-toxic, non-polluting and non-pathogenic products are safer for you and natures living creatures. Dispoz-all®, Power® and Nice n Easy® environmentally conscious cleaners, conditioners and restoration products are for you!

Beneficial bacteria are harmless to humans, but devastating to debris. These microscopic workers cling to organic waste and begin eating. When the energetic bacteria have completed their work, they eventually return to the environment from where they were originally isolated by the process of nature itself. This completes a cycle that is all-natural and simple, yet effective.

Providing natural cleaning products for pipes, drains, lakes and ponds is no easy task. But wouldn't it be great if it was? Thanks to the ingenious folks at Alumin-Nu Corp a Nice N Easy solution was developed. With countless hours of development and research some of the most powerful enzyme and bacterial.


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