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  Frequently Asked Questions about LiQuifix Multi-Purpose Lubricant
  Item: LiQuifix Multi-Purpose Lubricant  
  Size: 4oz, 16oz, 1-Gallon  
  Stock #  
  Case Pack: 40, 12, 4  
  UPC Code: 6-85681-71947-4, 71949-8, 00000-0  
  Safe On...  
  • Plastics
  • All Metals
  • Wood
  • Circuit Boards
  • Electrical Panels
  • Synthetic Fabrics

...It's Clear! LiQuifix the next generation in lubricants for the home and industry.


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  LiQuifix Multi-Purpose Lubricant  

LiQuifix Multi-Purpose LubricantLubricates:
Lubricates all metal, rubber & plastic by creating a corrosion resistant barrier, forming an ultra thin, non-drying, anti-static film.

Forms thin non-drying film. Displaces moister and provides a lasting corrosion-resistant barrier.

Lubricates, protects & preserves valuable equipment and prolongs life. Loosens nuts and bolts. Cleans electrical panels, circuit boards and fuse boxes. Non-conductive; high dielectric rating 35,000 volt. Unaffected in sub zero temperatures. High flash point 275°f. Acceptable as a lubricant and protective anti-rust film for seals, gaskets and machinery parts in and around food processing areas (H-1 classification).

Testing & Approvals:
SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold certification enables companies to demonstrate added conformance under California section 01350 specifications and collaborative for high performance schools (CHPS) for indoor air quality, based on California OEHHA chronic reference exposure limits for airborne pollutants (toxicants/carcinogens). Ford toxicity number 175855. USDA authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants; NSF registration no. 136617 (H-1 classification). Contains no CFC's chlorinated solvents or 1,1,1 Trichlorethane. Dielectric strength 35,000 volt/mil per ASTMD 877. Non-toxic, non-aerosol, no VOC's and non-staining.  Certified non-emitting lubricant for Airborne Pollutants (toxicants/carcinogens).

Other Uses:
Bicycle chain, roller blades, boat snaps and zippers, locks, hinges and hardware, garage door tracks, tractor/garden tools, window cranks and sliding doors.


Dissipates Water. Exceeds VOC Regulations. Good For Non-Ferrous Metals. Industrial Use. Meets FDA Standards For Use Around Food. Non-Conductive. Non-Staining. Non-Toxic. Odorless. Safe Non-Aerosol Recyclable Bottle. Safe On All Plastics. Safe On Aluminum Sliding Doors & Windows.

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