Liquid Fence by The Liquid Fence Company  

The Liquid Fence CompanyDo you need to train a Cat or Dog? Are Deer eating the apples on your trees? Moles or Gopher’s digging up the backyard? Did Rabbits get the flower bulbs again this year? Does Little Timmy crawl under the deck to scare away snakes? If you answered yes to any of these questions what you really need is Liquid Fence. It’s the Repellent that Works! Luckily the folks at Liquid Fence have been paying attention to what troubles you. Liquid Fence makes quality repellents that are Environmentally Safe, Easy-to-Use and Long Lasting. Don’t make little Timmy crawl under the deck again. Get the repellent that you can spray and forget.

Liquid Fence products work by emitting odor’s that natural pests find offensive. These odors then repel the animal before it has an opportunity to eat your plant, dig your lawn or frighten you senseless. Since the odor sends the animal off in another direction it naturally prevents damage to your plants, shrubs, gardens and landscaping while protecting you and the safety of the animal.  How these repellents affect plants, animals, the environment and you is always the primary concern:

Liquid Fence Conc & Spray more

Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent
Liquid Fence Dog and Cat Repellent
Liquid Fence Dual Action Rabbit Repellent
Liquid Fence Mole and Vole Repellent

Liquid Fence Granular more

Liquid Fence Granular Deer and Pest Repellent
Liquid Fence Granular Snake Repellent

New products are being developed by the Liquid Fence Company all the time. Like a treatment for snails and slugs! This product might require a powder derived from ancient creek. You may have guessed the folks at Liquid Fence really have to know there stuff. Who else could figure this out. It’s a quality laden Company with emphasis on exacting product development and testing procedures. When we ask our customers; Why Liquid Fence? They always say “ because it’s the only one that actually works! “


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