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  • Item: Hope's Perfect Sink
  SKU: HC56085  Tech: msds
  Size: Available in 8.5 fluid ounce black plastic bottle.
  Property Type: Abrasive.
  Appearance: Off-White pourable liquid.
  Specific Odor: Herbal  
  Case Pack: 12 bottles per case.  
  Shelf Life: Years when kept sealed in a climate controlled environment.  
  UPC Code: 0-26214-56085-7; 8.5oz
  Product Description  

Hope's Perfect Sink gently scrubs like a cleanser, yet shines like a fine polish!  It quickly removes tough stains, water spots, and rust stains. Polishes to a brilliant shine, and leaves an invisible barrier that repels water and makes cleaning easier.  Great for almost every type of sink including:

  • Brushed stainless steel.
  • Cast iron (porcelain).
  • CORIAN® (solid surface).
  • Composite.
  • Acrylic.
  • Vitreous China.
  Hope's Perfect Sink
rebranded from Hope's Solid Surface Cleaner & Polish


Hope's Perfect Sink rebranded from Hope's Solid Surface Cleaner & PolishExplain Rebranding:
Same product, different name, new bottle.

Just One Minor Difference:

Rebranded from Hope's Solid Surface Cleaner & Polish is Hope's Perfect Sink . This product uses the same formula as its predecessor of the last two years the reformulated version of Hope's Solid Surface Cleaner and Polish. The only difference is pink coloring dye which is no longer included. So if you have been searching for Hope's Solid Surface Cleaner and Polish buy this product; which offers the same use and end result.

Works Like Magic!
Hopes Perfect Sink is a minor abrasive that gently scrubs the surface clean, polishes to a long lasting shine, and seals with an Invisible barrier that repels water, minimizes stains, and make routine cleaning easier!

Removes Stains:
Hope's Perfect Sink is a very effective cleaner. It contains a unique cleaning compound that scrubs like a gentle cleanser, but without dulling! Stains such as permanent marker, ballpoint ink, coffee, and crayon are quickly eliminated with just light rubbing.

Safe and Pleasant:
Hope's Perfect Sink is completely free of harsh and unpleasant chemicals. It is pleasantly scented, gentle on hands, and can be used on food preparation surfaces.

What Makes Hope's Better:
Philosophy, premium raw materials, more active ingredients, innovative technology, and industry best research and development.

What Not To Do With Hope's Perfect Sink:
Do not use on mirror finishes and other finishes that specify a non-abrasive polish.  Always test before using!

  Worth Quoting...  

"  The primary reason Hope’s products outperform is that we operate with a different philosophy. A philosophy that places product performance first. And as commonplace as you would expect this to be, it is in fact quite rare in this industry.  "

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