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Frequently Asked Questions about Hope's Countertop Polish

  Item: Hope's Countertop Polish  
  Size: 8oz  
  Stock # 8CT12  
  Case Pack: 12  
  UPC Code: 0-26214-16001-9  
  Quick Product Facts  

Unlike ordinary polishes, Hope’s Countertop Polish is a totally new formula that’s both safer and more effective! It contains no waxes, no mineral oils, no harsh chemicals, no silicone resins, and no abrasives.

Hope’s Countertop Polish is great for use on all of the following brands of laminate and solid countertop materials:

  • Formica
  • Corian®
  • Swanstone
  • Fountainhead
  • Wilsonart®
  • Gibraltar
  • Avonite
  • Nevamar
  • Surell
  • Pionite

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  Hope's Countertop Polish  

Hope's Countertop PolishMakes Countertops Easer to Clean:
Hope's Countertop Polish produces a deep rich shine that repels dirt and food particles from penetrating the surface, minimizes stains and makes cleaning much easier.

Helps Prevent Stains:
Forms a barrier to help prevent foreign material from entering the microscopic pores of the surface, thus minimizing stains caused by fruit juices, food color, wine … etc.

Will Never Build up:
Contains no waxes and no silicone resins. Can be applied indefinitely without worry of buildup. Wax and silicone resins form a coating which can eventually build up, turn white, peel, flake, and discolor; thus causing long term maintenance problems.

Helps Prevent Scratches:
Makes countertops smooth and reduces friction. Articles slide across the countertop and are less likely to scratch.

Safe for all food contact surfaces.

Other products may contain abrasives which can damage plastic laminates by wearing away the surface and/ or permanently changing their appearance.

Contains no petroleum distillates. Many other products such as oils, waxes, and aerosols contain petroleum distillates which are both flammable and toxic.

Eliminates Fingerprints:
Keep unsightly fingerprints from ever showing up, even on dark colors where fingerprints are most noticeable.



Hope’s Countertop Polish is recommended by Major Countertop Material Manufacturers and also great for kitchen cabinets, tables, bars, desks, vinyl, plastics and rubber.

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