Flitz Products by Flitz International  

Flitz ProductsBy offering superior polishes for metal and a comprehensive line of cleaners, waxes, and accessories, Flitz can provide the polishing formula and tools you need to both restore and maintain metal, fiberglass, glass, plastic and many other surfaces. It’s stringent quality control that has pushed Flitz ahead as a leader in the polishing and cleaning community.

Flitz products are trusted throughout the Automotive, Marine, Specialty Plumbing, Hardware, Sporting Goods and Janitorial industries. In addition, Flitz products are used for many specialty market applications. Try Flitz for yourself and you'll quickly understand why these products come highly recommended!

For the last several decades consumers have come to depend on the Premium Polishing Products of Flitz. In particular that’s Flitz Metal Polish which is truly unequaled in its ability to clean, polish, and protect. And with the knowledge and understanding that Flitz products are made with both you and the environment in mind is it really any wonder why Flitz is simply the best!


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