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Frequently Asked Questions about DoradoSet™ 9000 Waste Paint Solidifier

  Item: DoradoSet™ 9000 Waste Paint Solidifier  
  Size/Stock #/Case Pack:
30lb Pail / 1
  Quick Product Facts  

Features and Benefits:

  • One bag will harden up to 2/3 of a gallon of left over paint and one 30lb pail will harden approximately 107 gallons
  • Non-regulated by the US Department of Transportation
  • Easy to Use
  • Works in Minutes
  • Non-Toxic
  • Curb Side Disposal
  • Environmentally Sound

Recommended Usage:

  • Disposal of Latex paint
  • Disposal of any water-based product that otherwise is safe for disposal in a landfill, except for the fact that it is a liquid
  • Spills of the above materials

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  DoradoSet™ 9000 Waste Paint Solidifier  

Offering an option for disposal of old latex paint:
Using up all your paint is always the best option, but if this option is not available to you. Most landfills do not accept latex paint in a liquid form so save yourself time and money by adding DoradoSet™ 9000 Waste Paint Solidifier to your leftover paint. It is great for quickly containing job site paint spills. Keep a bag in your pocket or tool kit at all times for annoying spills that would otherwise eat away at valued productive hours.

Dispose of hardened paint in accordance with applicable environmental and government regulations.

Directions for use (as easy as 1-2-3):
1.  Simply add the crystals to the waste or spilled latex paint. One cup of water may be added to thick paint for ease of use.
2.  Stir paint until thick.  Scrape spills into a pile.
3.  Dispose of as regular garbage in accordance with local regulations.  Always consult applicable environmental, government and local regulations in your area before using this product and/or dumping.

States such as California, Minnesota, Washington and others may require special handling of waste materials.

What else to know:
Use DoradoSet™ to harden old latex paint so that it can be easily disposed of.  This product can also be used to help clean up spills.

For More Information:
Review the product label and/or view DoradoSet 9000 Product Bulletin.


DoradoSet™ an environmentally sound alternative.

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