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Frequently Asked Questions about DoradoStrip 5051 Heavy Duty Industrial Paint Stripper

  Name: DoradoStrip 5051 Heavy Duty Industrial Paint Stripper  
  Size/Stock #/Case Pack:
1-gallon or 5-gallon / 4, 1
  Quick Product Facts  

Features and Benefits:

  • Waterborne Technology
  • Non-Flammable
  • Does not contain Toxic or Hazardous Air Pollutants
  • Easy clean up with soap and water or denatured alcohol
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Easily sprayed with standard equipment

Recommended Usage:

  • Nuclear Plants, Pulp & Paper / Petrochemical Facilities
  • Commercial and Industrial Facilities
  • Any area where abrasive blasting is not an option for environmental, economic or surface damage may be of concern

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  DoradoStrip 5051 Heavy Duty Industrial Paint Stripper  

Low VOC water-based paint remover:
Designed to effectively lift highly cross-linked urethane and epoxy topcoats and primers, alkyds and the toughest of industrial coatings and linings. This low odor product is capable of lifting fuel resistant primers, some inorganic primers and coal tar epoxies. Recommended for use in petrochemical plants, chemical tank farms, nuclear facilities and any area where worker safety or damage to delicate equipment may be a concern. DoradoStrip™ 5051 contains no TAP’s or Hap’s, offers easy cleanup with soap and water or denatured alcohol.

Equipment and Tools:
DoradoStrip™ 5051 is engineered for airless spray application. Ensure application equipment is free of any previously applied products or chemicals or solvents (especially mineral spirits). Clean with denatured alcohol prior to use. Use only airless equipment with chemical resistant packing, such as a Titan 640i or larger pump. Even the smallest airless sprayer is capable of spraying this product. Equip the sprayer with a tip size of 0.019 inches or larger (Example: a 519 or 425 tip). Other equipment: brushes, rollers, scraper, masking tape, plastic (polyethylene) sheet, pressure washer, electric drill with mixer, empty pails for clean-up, water. Roller application should be used ONLY for horizontal surfaces.

Dwell Time:
The time required for penetration varies according to the type of paint, and the temperature. Most paint systems require 6 to 24 hours. Leave the stripper overnight for best results. Dwell time and stripper application thickness required is best determined by a test area.  All DoradoStrip™ products need time to penetrate the coatings and lift them off.

Product Selection:
DoradoStrip™ 5051 is effective on highly cross-linked urethane and epoxy topcoats and primers, alkyds and the toughest of industrial coatings and linings on Metal, Concrete, Masonry and Plastic.  Wherever there is a choice between 2021 and 5051, remember the following: If the coating has a "high build" or is reinforced with a high percentage of solid content, then 5051 will work faster than 2021. However, 2021 will lift more deeply, thoroughly, and completely than 5051. A second application may be needed with 5051.

What else to know:
In most cases, the coating type is unknown.  Always do a test patch to determine how suited the product is for the job and how much dwell time will be required.  Depending on formulation, some organic zincs may not be able to be removed.  Do not collect and/or store removed paint and stripper waste residue in metal containers. Only use plastic containers.  NOT APPROVED FOR AVIATION USE!

Our Observation:
In tests we found DoradoStrip™ 5051 to be similar in consistency with DoradoStrip™ 3032.  The smell of the product is more "business" than "pleasure" but not overbearing.  Paint layers separated very easily on removal however the product did not penetrate as well on first application.  Therefore a second application was required.

For More Information:
Review the product label and/or view 5051 Architectural Paint Stripper Product Bulletin.


The DoradoStrip™ products work in a revolutionary way. They are absorbed through the paint or coating layer and work to detach it from the substrate. Once the bond is broken the paint bubbles up so that it can easily be removed!

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