Fresh Cab & Prairie Aire by Crane Creek Earth Kind  

Crane Creek Earth KindThink EarthKind (think Biodegradable ingredients and packaging, Made in the USA, Non-toxic, Simple clean up. Founded in 1993, EarthKind was created with the philosophy that farm & home products should not just be effective, but also kind to the earth. With manufacturing plants based in North Dakota EarthKind designs products with the commitment of providing you superiority, safety, biodegradability and quite simple ease of use.

Fresh Cab Scent Pouches have been proven by several independent studies as an effective natural rodent repellent and each pouch is long lasting (up to 100 days). Meanwhile Prairie Aire products with fragrance inspired from North Dakota prairies are very effective at freshening the air in non-ventilated areas like basements, closets, entryways or spare bedrooms. Each 2 ounce pouch can effectively absorb and eliminates odor, while re-circulating a pleasant scent back into the air for up to three continuous months.

EarthKind strives to set a standard for safe and effective alternatives to hazardous rat traps, poisons and toxic air fresheners. And with all their product ingredients coming from US farms their efforts are truly home grown. Additionally EarthKind routinely researches new innovations in plant science and technologies so their products will always perform to your utmost satisfaction.


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