DoradoStrip by Eldorado Solutions  

Eldorado SolutionsDoradoStrip paint removers are environmentally aware specialty chemical products designed for the effective lift and removal of paint from its substrate. With over 30 year’s practical experience in the development of paint and coating removers, Eldorado Solutions is a household name in the big industry and military arena. Now these same industrial products are available for your commercial, janitorial or industrial needs.

DoradoStrip paint removers are also effective in cutting downtime by making your environment a friendlier place. Designed and used for years in the aircraft industry and military application these tried and true products undoubtedly work in a revolutionary way. Self absorbed through the paint or coating layer, DoradoStrip searches for the substrate and once found, begins its work to detach the adhered coating from it. Within a few hours the bond begins to break and as the paint bubbles it can be easily scrapped or washed away!

Architectural Paint Remover paper and pencil

DoradoStrip 3031 Architectural
(similar to RemovALL™ 220 / 310).

Industrial Paint Remover paper and pencil
paper and pencil

DoradoStrip 2021 Industrial
(similar to RemovALL™ 210).
DoradoStrip 5051 Industrial
(similar to RemovALL™ 510).

Graffiti, Gunk & Overspray Remover

DoradoFix 1400 Overspray

Janitorial Paint Remover paper and pencil

DoradoStrip 3032 Janitorial
(similar to RemovALL™ 320).

Waste Paint Solidifier

DoradoSet 9000 Solidifier
(similar to RemovALL™ Waste Paint Hardener).

DoradoStrip™ professional use paint removers offer you the friendliness of a waterborne product and feature low VOC’s, near odor free, non-ozone depletion and no HAPs or TAPs. With ease of use a primary quality these water-based paint and coating removers are truly effective in a multiple façade of applications.


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