Zone Dry & Safe N Dry by Desiccare  

Desiccare IncDesiccare Zone Dry & Safe N Dry desiccants can control moisture or inhibit the growth of mold and fungus from a single pouch! Desiccants are agents known for their moisture absorption properties. Most commonly used to absorb water from the air thereby producing dryness. The dryness translates to an easy and effective way to control moisture, cut odors, inhibit mold growth and freshen up musty closets.  For effectiveness desiccants should normally be used within a closed or sealed moisture barrier or a rigid, sealed container. This allows the desiccant to absorb the trapped moisture vapor better.

Simply remove the outer foil overwrap from the pouch and the product is activated and ready for placement in the controlled area. As the pouch absorbs moisture the humidity indicator dot begins to turn from blue to pink to tell you the precise time to discard and replace.  For products with the Safe N Dry label , the pouches can often be recharged rather than discarded. Read label directions carefully to see if this option is available.

 The enclosed desiccant Tyvek bag packaging is fully leak-proof.

Everyday Desiccant's paper and pencil

Mold Away
Smart Closet
(discontinued in 2015)  use Mold Away
Smart Storage

Specialty Desiccant's paper and pencil

Boat Dry
Camper Dry
Safe N Dry

Desiccare Zone Dry & Safe N Dry desiccants can absorb up to 100% of their weight in moisture.  They are designed to protect goods from the negative effects of moisture, mold, mildew, rust and corrosion and are... ideal for use in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Garages, Basements, Storage Units, Office Buildings, RV’s, Boats, Stored Automobiles or for storing items such as clothes, shoes, books, tools or seasonal items.


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