DampRid & Mold Armor brands of W.M. Barr  

DampRidThe Moisture Absorber products remove excess moisture from the air and maintain the humidity at just the right level so mold will not continue normal re-growth. Meanwhile DampRid Cleaning and Control products clean away mold stains and place a blocker on the surface to help prevent mold spores from attaching. This keeps mold and mildew at bay for a longer period of time.

The Key to Mold Control is most often Moisture Control. DampRid products work to absorb excess moisture from the air to help sustain healthier indoor air by eliminating those musty odors and allergens often caused by moisture. DampRid offers a full line of Moisture and Mold Prevention stain cleaning products to control moisture and eliminate the dampness that causes mold to grow.

Mold Armor offers you a selection of products that were designed specifically to combat each unique mold & mildew stain challenge, indoors and out. From bleach-based removers that work instantly, to mold blockers that keep mold away for months, Mold Armor is here to defend your property from molds and mildew.


DampRid Moisture Absorber's paper and pencil

AirScaper Moisture Absorber
Easy-Fill Moisture Absorber
Hanging Moisture Absorber
Moisture Absorber
Odor Eliminator Solid Air Freshener

Mold Armor Products paper and pencil

E-Z Deck & Fence Wash

E-Z House Siding Wash
Mildew & Mold Blocker
Mold & Mildew Remover


Remember DampRid's Odor Eliminator products don't just mask odors, they eliminate them by breaking up their molecular structure. And DampRid can help protect your home against moisture damage, solving many mold, mildew and odor problems. Home life gets easier; indoor air quality gets healthier.


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