Bio-Wash Products by FreeWorld Environmental Technologies  

Bio-Wash ProductsBio-Wash products are widely accepted and utilized by both the professional and Do-it-Yourselfer who are in the market for consistent and excellent results for exterior decks, siding and log home applications. These products are easy to use, ecologically friendly and offer easy water clean-up.  Bio-Wash® offers an effective solution for outdoor staining projects. Well regarded as an early pioneer in the manufacture of water-based, non-solvent wood coatings and wood and deck stain removers; Bio-Wash has achieved an almost cult like following from consumers in both the US and Canada alike.

Natural Deck Oil, BioWash's flagship product is ideal for all types of wood including pressure treated pine, fir, cedar, redwood, cypress, oak, teak, mahogany, IPE and many other exotic species. As weathering and deterioration of wood surfaces can lead to chemical and physical changes on the surface we recommend protecting your wood deck with a high quality UV protectorate wood finish like BioWash® Natural Deck Oil.

These products were discontinued through a corporate buyout/merger in 2012...

Bio-Wash Products paper and pencil

Bio-Wash Natural Deck Oil suggested replacement DEFY Wood Oil for Decks
  color matched to same color names.
Bio-Wash Stain Prep
suggested replacement DEFY Oxygenated Bleach Wood Cleaner 
powdered crystals mix with water.
Bio-Wash StripXL
suggested replacement DEFY Stain Stripper 
formulation modeled after StripXL.
suggested replacement DEFY Wood Brightener 
one concentrated gallon makes 5-gallons.

Bio-Wash manufacturer a gross of quality products for Automotive, Home, Construction,  Preparation and Staining projects.  Ideal for many  types of wood including pressure treated Pine, Fir, Cedar, Redwood, Cypress, Oak, Teak, Mahogany, IPE, and other exotic species, and other surfaces of intended application.


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