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Better Life ProductsBetter Life™ isn't just another catchy name. It's a name dedicated to the future enrichment of life on planet earth. Led by an astounding formulation chemist who truly understands how natural ingredients make products work; over a decades worth of experience has been translated into products that are non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-irritating, 99% biodegradable in eight days or less, safe for river and marine life, based on sugar and vegetable feed stocks, free of ethoxylates, free of petroleum-based chemicals, free of alcohols, ethers and other harmful volatile organic compounds, free of sulfates, ether sulfates and parabens.

At BETTER LIFE, their absolutely passionate about creating household cleaning products that are better for people, better for the planet and better performing. Better Life products were created by two dads who were childhood friends. Their goal is to get unwanted toxins out of your home all without sacrificing on product performance. With Better Life products they have done just that.

Naturally your asking yourself – Does Better Life™ really work? and what’s wrong with the cleaner that I currently use. The answers are simply; YES and EVERYTHING!

BETTER LIFE blends surfactants made only from plant materials (sugar, starch, and amino acids). They do not use sulfates, ethoxylates, fragrances, dyes, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Hundreds of ingredients are screened, choosing only the ones that are both effective, and have the fastest, most complete biodegradability profiles. The formulas have no aquatic or terrestrial toxicity.


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